Larene Sanford
Larene Sanford, Author
Rescued, Renewed, Restored
Hello, my name is Larene Sanford
Thank you for visiting my website.

I hope my writings can take you on a personal
journey – I began writing this story in 1997 and had
virtually finished the writings
- so I thought. It was
quite some time before I was called to publicize, as
God had so much to do to show me, and all who
would hear, just how much He loves us and will use
our lives for His glory. Though my story is not yet
over, these books are the beginning of my story
within God’s story. I’m certain that God spared my
life, a simple one at that - common and one of that
of a Pastor's wife and mother of two. He would
equip me to survive losses in my life. It is my hope
that by sharing my story - again as humble as it may
be - even in these moments, whether great or small,
you will see God’s working hand and hope again – for
there is victory to be sure of.
I am offering my books at an extreme
discounted price ordered through my
website only. It is my desire that by offering
at the lower price, this will provide more
readers the opportunity to hear the story
and find redemption, renewal and
restoration in their lives as well.

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Railroad Crossings to Restoration ~ A Child's Cry for Help
Living for Jesus ~ Restored to Believe
Railroad Crossings to Restoration ~ Looking Back and
Pressing Forward
Living for Jesus ~ Devotional and Journal ~ 365 Days of
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About Larene Sanford
Larene Sanford was born in Banning, California. Larene
is the author of “Railroad Crossings to Restoration ~ A
Child’s Cry for Help”, “Living for Jesus ~ Restored to
Believe”, and “Railroad Crossings to Restoration ~
Looking Back and Pressing Forward”. She is the mother
of two – now adult – children, Israel (with wife,
LaRanda) and Rebecca (with husband, Steven Rose)
and is blessed with six grand-children. Larene dedicated
almost 20 years of her life to ministry as pastor and wife
team in various parts of California. She currently lives
near her hometown—Stagecoach Town USA, Banning
California. She opens her heart and shares her story as
the Lord leads. Whether in her written books or
speaking engagements, you will hear the story of God's
grace and amazing love.
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